It all started with a bumper sticker…

“Resist Hate” in bold letters on a purple background. Driving along, I absorbed the statement. Initially, I agreed. Many of us are feeling sick about the divisiveness and animosity in the air these days. However, the more I thought about it, I felt anxiety building up inside me. To resist means to withstand the action or effect of something. Even if it’s resisting hate, a word that means to feel intense or passionate dislike, it is still putting two negatives together, keeping the focus of our attention on the negative rather than the positive intent of the statement.

A positive antidote is born

We have all heard the phrase, “what you focus on grows”. The more we focus on a thought, the more likely that thought will manifest itself into a belief, action, or habit. We do not change or replace a negative or bad habit by focusing on the idea or thought of that habit, but by removing and replacing that negative with a positive. When you are looking to build a new habit, it is best to program the mind by replacing the old, unwanted behavior/thought with a new, positive statement. Instead of “I won’t get sick,'' focus on illnesses opposite counterpart (good health) to create new thought patterns by saying, “I am healthy”. Aristotle knew this long ago when he said, “we are what we repeatedly do.'' In short, positive thinking works!  

This is what inspired me to create Do Love - a giving brand that enables me and others to support causes that are making a positive difference in the world. Do Love is movement to do and be love in action.  To spread more of what we need in the world today…patience, kindness, humility, respectfulness, selflessness, honesty, forgiveness and commitment. 

Two negatives don’t equal a positive, but two positives CAN create more positivity. Positive thought + positive action = positive response.  Love is our superpower. Let’s put it to work. 

Be positive; Do love.                   

Susan Morgan Bailey, Founder

Susan Morgan Bailey, Founder